It’s been so long since I’ve even looked at this thing…

And Evelyn rightfully pointed out that when posterous died, they took most of the photo links with them. I think all those pics are still on flickr, but I don’t have the energy to go hunt them down and relink just now.

This is frito pie, SF style.


So it’s all organic and toity. Except for the fritos, of course. Also: delicious.

Bob Ross clouds in Alameda this morning.

Arcade at Atlantis


Two handsome gentlemen at the wedding.


They sure clean up nice.

Yarnbombing on the statue outside the Oregon Convention Center.

5992918362_8983bb013e_b 5992918676_54a8b9dbd6_b

Portland cab, interior.


HA! Sarah and I opted for the same STR.


Totally independent of each other!


I intended to write more during the past week, but honestly it’s just been way too crazy for me to concentrate properly on drafting a post or two. Lots going on: work is super busy, pet project (yep, I still have that sewing project brewing) has had steps both forward and backwards, and general changes in routine have taken their toll on my time management. That’s a nice way of saying “I forget to eat and then I’m crabby.”

It’ll be good to have The Boy back.

I’ve done some reading, too. Over the past two weeks, I’ve read Flowers for Algernon (can’t believe I never read it before!), Anything You Want, and Today We Are Rich. All of these are relatively short and all of them were worth the time. Anything You Want takes less than an hour to read through, and I think if you’re working on a small business… or if you want to, or if you think you want to… it’s worth an hour of your time to read it
. It’s kind of similar to Lucky Or Smart?: Fifty Pages for the First-Time Entrepreneur ($3 on the kindle, people — spend the three bucks for this one). In fact, I’ve read a lot of business-ish books over the past year. Currently working through A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Building a Great Business which has been interesting thus far but I’m not ready to gush about it (yet).

Speaking of business, I am crazy excited about MailRank’s imminent preview program, after working these past six months or so on really fixing email overload. If you use Outlook 2010 (yep, has to be 2010 for the preview) and you’re ready to get out of email overload, send me an email or sign up for our beta here.  People who sign up early for our beta will also be invited to try out the pre-release software. Seriously, it’s cool stuff. You totally want to try it out. :-)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


I’ve been living the bachelor lifestyle for a week now. It’s been crazy busy with work the whole week, so this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and think/write about anything not work. And of course this will be short because it’s getting late.

Aside from the usual “wow, my life is pretty awesome” revisit — nothing makes you realize how awesome your day-to-day life is like disrupting the routine — it’s good to be reminded just how much SHB does keeping the house running. We joke about SHB being my 1950’s housewife, but damn I do appreciate all the work he does even more than usual. The foul beasts have been particularly needy in his absence, begging for attention and basically making nuisances of themselves. Plus, I’m out of practice on the whole feeding myself on a regular schedule thing (as my colleagues can attest to).

I’m pretty brain-fried, but on the whole I’m doing better than I was earlier in the week. A few days ago, I missed SHB so much that it physically hurt. Regular updates to Flickr (courtesy another attendee) and text messages with pictures of invading chipmunks have helped. And reports from Taos are that the workshop is a great experience (chipmunks aside).

Just one more week. One. More. Week.

Photo yoinked from chrystaline on Flickr, to whom I am grateful for the regular photo updates from Taos.