My grandmother passed away last Thursday. We knew it was coming — she had been in steady decline since my grandfather died several months ago. Over the past few weeks, she became non-responsive, and we knew it was just a matter of time. Like everything with Grandma, it was both too fast and too slow…Read more Grandma


In June 2005, when my husband was away at Clarion West, my grandparents took a road-trip. They came to visit me in California, and for the first time in my life I had them to myself. Our family is pretty large, and events are often crowded with familiar faces. I’d never had a moment when…Read more Grandpa

It took willpower to create this habit. But maybe I should let it go.

[ update: I made up my mind at the last possible moment. Decision at end of the post. ] I’ve been trying to decide something. Not anything important, mind you. Something silly and trivial, but it’s vexing me. I’m trying to decide if I should call it quits on my NY Times Crossword puzzle streak.…Read more It took willpower to create this habit. But maybe I should let it go.


Yesterday, I turned 45. If I'm very lucky, this means I'm halfway through my life. My grandparents have lived into their 90's, and their parents before them did the same, so it's quite possible that I'll make it into my 90's as well. Still, the idea that there's pretty much zero way to avoid thinking…Read more Halfway.