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  • Sometimes, resolutions actually stick.

    And here we are again. January 1. The traditional start of all-things resolutions. I can’t be the only one who looks back at the past year and also thinks “UGH, I meant to do $foo but utterly failed to make it happen.” Right? Not just me? Oh good. This morning I was revisiting resolutions past. […]

  • The #2018Liberation List

    Yeah, yeah. I know I said I don’t do NY resolutions (esp not on 1 January). But I’m so inspired by Cate’s 2018 Liberation list! So here’s mine: Stop allowing myself to be dragged into conversations I really don’t want to be part of. This usually happens on FB (where else?) and sometimes Slack, and usually…

  • +3 weeks(ish)

    Three weeks ago(ish), I turned 43. I made some resolutions. Let’s review them, shall we? First, I said I’d stop hitting the snooze button. This one has been going not-so-great. Okay – total honesty time: I just kind of forgot that it was something I had committed to do, and let it go by the…