On Sundays, I try to block out some time to just get ready for the week ahead, do some planning, take a look back, track goal progress. I call it Selfish Sundays, because I spend a few hours so that Future Me isn’t quite as freaked out and panicked. Some weekends work out better than others for these planning sessions, depending on what else is going on in the world. I like having that time reserved out on the calendar so at least I’ll make an attempt in taking care of that kind of care and feeding work.

I usually also do some luxurious skin care along with this ritual. Sheet masks and spreadsheets.

But of late I’m also doing a lot of outbound sales work, which I admit isn’t my favorite part of the job. I like the part where I’m actually talking to people… but not so much the part where I’m reaching out to strangers. I think I may need to institute Sales and Snails — where I use doing sales work as an excuse to pull out all my snail-based Korean skincare.

Snail masks are the absolute bomb. And I loved this video on how they harvest mucin.

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