Tomorrow I head to Houston.

I’m not sure what kind of week I’ll have (probably great, but travel during Super Bowl Hell may not have been the best idea), but to prepare myself I’m sitting quietly on the couch with a cat cuddled up next to me.  That Luther special I never had a chance to watch is on the screen (nothing so unsavory will be on deck while I’m visiting family).

I think it might be weird for my grandparents to adapt to my purple hair… but even moreso my reading glasses. Is it odd to have a grandchild who needs reading glasses when you remember the day she came home from the hospital?

My goal to Write Every Day is a bit mixed on progress at the moment.  I’ve written some every day,  but hardly as much as I was hoping to do.  If I’m going to get better at the process, at the mechanics of writing taking my thoughts and converting them into words, I need more practice than I’m giving myself.  On the other hand, it’s only the 31st and I set my resolutions on the 27th. Giving myself a break isn’t the worst thing I could do.  It’s more important to keep moving in the right direction than to freak out about pace.

Back on Friday, but I hope to both write and take a few pictures while I’m travelling.

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